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1. Buy your Tickets

To participate in a tournament, you need to purchase a ticket

2. Read the Rules

Go through the rules and format Click here

3. Register a Team

Only 1 team member needs to submit the application

4. Wait to Be Selected

We will select 32 teams, if your team gets selected to participate, we'll contact you directly on October 4th. You can then follow the instructions to secure your spot.


Team Registration

We will get back to you shortly

Rules and Format


Beer Pong Tournament: Format, Rules, and Additional Information

How to Join the Tournament?


To join the Beer Pong tournament, you first need to secure a ticket for the event. Once you have your ticket, you're eligible to submit the "Team registration form" to register your team for the tournament.

If you don't have a teammate yet, don't worry! You can still submit the form, and we'll do our best to pair you with a fellow player.

We will select 32 teams, if your team gets selected to participate, we'll contact you directly. At this point, an additional fee of €10 per player is required to confirm your spot in the tournament. Once the fee is paid, your spot in the tournament is secured, and all the beer you'll need for the games will be generously provided by Tangle.


Tournament Format:

Round 1: Group Stage

We start with 8 groups of 4 teams each. Every team plays against every other team within their own group. Only the top team from each group will advance to the next stage.

Quarter-Finals: Single Knockout

The 8 teams that advanced, being the best in their respective groups, face off in a high-stakes single knockout round. The stakes are high, and the games are intense.

Semi-Finals: Single Knockout

The 4 surviving teams from the quarter-finals battle it out in the semi-finals. Another round of single knockout, and only the best will make it to the final round.

Final: The Winner Takes All

The final face-off. Two teams enter, but only one emerges victorious, taking home the grand prize of €1k!

32 teams, 1 champion. Will it be you?


Rules. Beer Pong Tournament: Official Rules

Game Setup:


  1. Each team consists of two players.

  2. Ten cups are set up in a triangle formation on each side of a long table, with the point of the triangle pointing towards the opposing team.

  3. Each cup is filled with approximately the same amount of beer.




  1. The objective is to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opponent's cups. If successful, the opposing team must drink the beer from that cup and remove it from the table. The first team to hit all the opponent's cups wins the game.

  2. Each player from the team takes a turn attempting to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team's cups. Each player from the team takes a turn attempting to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team's cups. The next team's turn begins only after both players from the current team have completed their shots.

  3. 'Elbows rule': Players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the table when throwing.


Shot Rules:


  1. Bounce Shots: If a player bounces the ball towards the cups, the shot counts for two cups if made. However, once the ball has hit the table, the opposing team may swat it away.

  2. Double Hit: If both players on a team manage to land their ping pong balls in the same cup during their turn, this results in a double hit. The opposing team must remove that cup plus two additional cups of their choice from the table. However, a minimum of one cup must always remain on the table.

  3. Consecutive Shots: If a player successfully lands a ping pong ball in one of the opponent's cups, they earn the right to shoot again. This can continue until they miss.

  4. Opponent Bounce: If, after a shot, the ball bounces off an opposing team member and lands in a cup, the shot counts.

  5. Self Goal: If a player accidentally drops or throws the ball into one of their own cups during their team's turn, the shot does not count, and the cup remains in place.

  6. Redemption: Once the final cup has been hit, the opposing team gets a redemption round. Each player from the opposing team has a chance to hit the remaining cups in one final turn. If they are successful, the game continues. If not, the game is over.



  1. If a team successfully completes a Redemption, the game enters Overtime.

  2. During Overtime, each team sets up three cups in a triangle formation.

  3. The team that would have won, had Redemption not been successfully completed, shoots first in Overtime.

  4. No reracks are allowed in Overtime, but the final cup can be repositioned or centered.


Cup Removal, Interference and Reracks:


  1. Players may not interfere with a direct shot once the ball has left the opponent's hand. However, bounce shots, where the ball first hits the table before heading towards the cups, can be swatted away or deflected.

  2. Teams are entitled to two reracks per game, which they can use at their discretion to rearrange the cups in a desired formation.

  3. Immediate Cup Removal: As soon as a cup is hit, the opposing team can remove the cup from the table. However, they must do so without interfering with the second player's ongoing shot.

  4. Interference Consequences: If the opposing team accidentally blocks the shot of the second player while attempting to remove the first hit cup, this is considered interference. As a penalty, the team that interfered must remove an additional cup of their choice from the table, along with the initial hit cup.

Death Cup Rule:


  1. A "Death Cup" situation occurs when a cup has been hit, removed from the table, and is being held by a player, but the contents of the cup have not yet been consumed. This can also apply if the player has put the cup down before drinking.

  2. If, while holding or having put down the "Death Cup", the cup is hit by the opposing team's ping pong ball, this results in an automatic win for the team who sunk the ball into the "Death Cup".

  3. However, if the "Death Cup" is still on the table and not being held by a player, and both players on a team manage to land their ping pong balls into it before it's picked up, this counts as hitting three cups instead of just one. The opposing team must remove the "Death Cup" and two other cups of their choice, provided that at least one cup remains on the table.


Disputes and Conduct:


  1. Disputes will be handled by appointed referees. Their decision will be final.

  2. Good sportsmanship is required at all times. Disrespectful conduct, cheating, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in immediate disqualification.


An Exclusive Opportunity for Student Associations

This year, The biggest student party offers a unique opportunity to student associations


Exciting twist

We're hosting a massive Beer Pong tournament where teams compete for a grand prize of €1K. But the best part? We're introducing an exciting twist! Every student association can have teams represent them in the tournament

€1,000 + €1,000


If a team representing your association wins, not only do the players win €1k, the association will also be awarded an additional €1k!


How does it work?


Simple. When a team registers for the Beer Pong tournament, they will be given the option to enter a unique code tied to a student association. By entering your association's code, they instantly become representatives for your association in the tournament.

If your association is partnering with us, and both of the people in the winning team are members of your association, they are automatically considered representative of your association.

Frame 880.png

More than just a Competition

It's a fantastic opportunity for student associations to gain visibility, foster a sense of community, and potentially win €1,000!

Get involved!

Cheer on your team and stand a chance to win big at the most epic student party ever!


Contact us now to get your association's unique code and start rallying your teams. Let the games begin!

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