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Message from the Founder

Thought January 2024 was a rough beginning? 👀 See what’s coming ahead of us

Since I started working on Tangle and trying to solve one of the most serious and unspoken crisises, I've been noticing the pattern across many people around me, especially university students. The crisis of loneliness and social isolation has huge consequences for our generation and for our kids as well.

As a student, I've seen it firsthand. In lecture halls, student housing, and city streets: we are more connected than ever before, yet many of us have never felt so alone.

My Personal Wake-Up Call:

Walking through university campuses, I see endless scrolling and awkwardness to start a chat with a stranger. I've been there too. It hit me hardest when I started to meet more and more people, telling me that they feel so isolated, despite being surrounded by people all day.

The Hard Facts:

  • Growing Student Populations

↳ With more students, personal connections are harder to forge.

  • Digital Isolation

↳ An average of 2.5 hours spent daily on social media is leading to a disconnect from real-world interactions.

  • Business Visibility Hurdles

↳ High competition and hefty commissions make it tough for businesses to reach the student demographic effectively.

These are not just statistics; they represent real experiences:

  • 79% of university students aged 18-24 report feeling lonely.

  • 50% of students face challenges in social integration, affecting their academic success.

  • Young adults are lonelier than the elderly. That’s not just surprising; it's alarming.

The Cost of Disconnection:

  • Loneliness is lethal, equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

  • It leads to severe health risks: increased chances of dementia, heart disease, depression.

A World Growing Apart:

We live in a world where community feels like a concept from the past. Families are smaller, distances are greater. Social media, our supposed bridge to the world, often widens the gap, leaving us in echo chambers of isolation.

My Mission:

Seeing all this, I can’t stay idle. It’s not just about building another social platform; it's about creating a space that fosters real, meaningful connections. This isn't just a student issue; it's a human issue.

The Bigger Picture:

  • The loneliness crisis is more than a social issue; it's an untapped market of over a trillion dollars.

  • The economic cost of loneliness, including lost productivity and health complications, is enormous.

Calling for Change:

As a student at the heart of this crisis, I'm making a move. I'm reaching out to thinkers, innovators, and anyone who's felt this disconnection. Let's join forces to build more than just a solution; let's build a movement.

How can you help?

  • Know someone who can interested? advisor? expert? mentor? investor? early employee? Connect me.

  • Want to brainstorm together? Lets grab some time.

  • Saw an article or a book on the topic that can improve my points? Share with me.


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