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One platform to reach
thousands of university students

Marketing to students has never been easier

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Connecting hundreds of students, associations, and businesses

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Monthly events

In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why Tangle?

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We are bringing the university student experience to a completely new level, with the mission to increase social cohesion at universities.

Tangle has a student social app, but it's main advantage for businesses like yours lies in an unmatched opportunity to showcase your offerings and engage with a digitally native, active, and eager demographic.

How It Works:




Identify who you would like to reach
Send us your marketing materials

Specify the amount of students you want to reach and what majors you would like them to have, optionally even choose honors students

Our team can give you feedback whether your content will go well with students, or it needs a little tweaking.

Let us do the magic

Based on your requirements, we will use our available channels, contact required student associations and make sure you get seen.

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Benefits of Partnering with Tangle:

Unparalleled Access

Connect directly with thousands of university students, a very active audience always eager to explore and engage.

Increase Visibility

Stand out in a crowded marketplace. Working with Tangle ensures you get seen by the right people at the right time

Offline Presence

Tangle doesn't just make connections online. We're about real-life experiences, ensuring students transition from their screens to your doors

Simple & Flexible

Tangle will take care of promoting your offering, no action needed on your side!

Estimated Cost Calculator


Work with Tangle


Engage the Student Community

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Ready to Boost Your Business with Tangle?

Be a part of something bigger. Tangle is not only about business; it's about community, connection, and combating the loneliness epidemic among the younger generation. By working with us, you're not only promoting your business, you're endorsing genuine real-life interactions and enriching the local community experience.

Interested to know more?

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